Premier Anabolics

Yes, we are conveniently located in the US. WHY SHOULD I ORDER FROM PREMIER ANABOLICS? Because we are located in the US, which eliminates your package having to pass through customs. WHAT TYPE OF SHIPPING DO YOU OFFER? We ship our packages via a flat $30.00 flat USPS with Priority Shipping, with NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED. WHAT TYPES OF PAYMENT DO YOU TAKE? When using CREDIT CARDS as payments, there is No Minimum Order Requirement. Simply go to, and make a "donation" in the amount of your Premier Anabolics order amount, yes, its that simple. Credit Cards can also be used to send money via cash apps, or buy bitcoin. With Money Transfer options there is a $150 minimum, Western Union, Money Gram and Walmart 2 Walmart. although these are our least favorite options IS THERE A MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT LIKE WITH MOST UGL'S? There is No Minimum Order Amount Required, unless using a money transfer option such as Western Union, Money Gram or Walmart 2 Walmart.